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What's Your Medicare Advantage Chronic Care Strategy?
With the chronicaly ill population rapidly growing and becoming more costly to plans and the healthcare industry, now is the time for MA plans to consider how to best deliver and manage care for these beneficiaries.

Industry Perspectives on Value-Based Payment: Survey Results & Key Insights
The state of value-based payment models based on our survey, conducted in partnership with the Health Plan Alliance.

INFOGRAPHIC: Results from Our Survey on Value-Based Payment Models
We engaged 30+ health plans using both an online survey and executive interviews to understand their journey to value-based payment. This infographic is a summary of the results.

Oscar Health & Cleveland Clinic Partner to Engage Consumers
An exploration in effective consumer engagement (or lack thereof) in carrier – provider partnerships, centered on an industry example from Oscar Health & Cleveland Clinic.

Medicare Advantage 2.0: Next Generation Growth Strategies
Healthcare organizations are looking to data-driven growth strategies in order to succeed in Medicare Advantage.

You Can't Spell MACRA Without MA
Provider preparation for MACRA represents a distinct opportunity for organizations to establish an integrated strategy for Senior Markets that includes Medicare Advantage.

The Emerging Lifecare Model
How consumerism is driving industry collaboration toward health and lifecare as a new strategic platform.

Get the Consumer on the Dance Floor
Consumer-focused strategies to unleash the economic value of collaboration models.

Take the Lead: Unlocking the Potential of Carrier-Provider Partnerships.
The essential elements of the Integrated Operating Model required to drive execution and long-term value in carrier-provider partnerships.

It Takes Three to Tango
A unique collaboration framework between carriers, providers and consumers.

Does MACRA Still Matter? 
Out with the sustainable growth rate, in with the MACRA  - preparation is still important under a new Administration.

MACRAnomics: Patient-Level Economics and Strategic Implications for Providers
HealthScape believes it is critical to begin to go beyond these initial considerations and focus on the opportunity to use MACRA.

Translating Risk into Revenue
Health Systems can achieve financial success through accurate documentation and coding of patient care in risk-adjusted markets.

The Siege Continues
The Justice Department is investigating four additional Medicare Advantage plans' approach to risk adjustment.

Medicare Advantage Plans Under Siege
Medicare Advantage Plans' approach to risk adjustment has caught the attention of both the federal government and the qui tam bar.

Market Momentum in Oncology Management
A look into the proactive approaches plans are taking to tackle growing cost concerns while promoting coordinated, high-quality care.