Healthcare Investors

Our deep healthcare industry expertise and executive-level industry relationships position us to bring unique perspectives to potential and completed transactions. HealthScape provides a full suite of strategic M&A advisory services for both Private Equity clients and their portfolio companies, as well as internal Corporate Development teams, ranging from investment thesis development to executing integration:

  • Target
  • Acquire
  • Optimize

During the Targeting phase, we leverage our deep understanding of the market to evaluate potential targets and their market position to inform investment thesis development. We help clients:

  • Assess current state needs to determine merger potential 
  • Evaluate organizational competencies and compare to industry benchmarks
  • Clarify strategic acquisition needs and drivers 
  • Define market conditions and forces driving current activity
  • Perform market assessments to identify sectors in line with acquisition strategy
  • Overlay our deep understanding of targets

Our approach involves a continuum of activities focused on driving a “Go” or “No-Go” acquisition decision. The full range of services provided to our Private Equity clients includes due diligence, synergy quantification, target valuation and deal structuring.

  • Due Diligence efforts may include strategic fit and capabilities opportunity assessment 
  • Synergy Quantification may include financial viability/investment risk & return, synergy identification, unit revenue/cost trends, and persistency analytics
  • Valuation & Deal Structuring efforts incorporate a best-in-class financial approach to inform valuations with discounted cash flows and consideration of synergy potential

Foundational to a successful post-acquisition strategy is the ability of the acquiring firm to effectively plan, manage, and execute the capture of opportunities identified through diligence. Through integration planning and ongoing performance monitoring support, we help clients:

  • Build their organization
  • Set organizational direction
  • Capture full value associated with healthcare investments